Two Summers

  Like many rural regions in Tennessee and across the country  McMinn county found itself with a staggering increase in homeless, diseased stray animals.  Statistics showed that unless things changed there would never be enough homes and the euthanasia rates would grow as innocent animals suffered.


 2006 - 2007  City of Athens (COA) endorsement.  Dedicated humane organizations volunteers  worked with local veterinarians and city and local governments to look for a better way.  The McMinn Regional Humane Society supported by  The Two Summers Project  worked with  The City of Athens  The City’s support allowed  county animals into the city shelter - sharing expenses.



• Worked with local City and County leaders to agree to take county animals into the City or Athens Shelter.

• Supported the revamping of the City of Athens shelter in a joint venture with prison inmates to provide reduced labor        to provide more space and more comfortable conditions for the animals.

• Supported local Spay and neuter events, hosting the PALMOBILE a clinic on wheels to offer low cost spay and neuter to not only adopted animals but to the public as well.



   Through private funding The Two Summers Project began to focus on getting all animals adopted through the shelter Spayed/Neuter BEFORE going to their new home and Offering Low Cost Spay and Neuter to AS MANY ANIMALS AS POSSIBLE.



    2008 – First Two Summers Clinic Location.  Working with the volunteers of the McMinn Regional Humane Society, Two Summers leased property for 1 year and set up the first Two Summers Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic.  Working with Part Time Vets and dedicated Volunteers the Clinic needed more space quickly.





   In 2009-2011  The Two Summers Project 2nd Clinic Location.

 Through private funding, Two Summers  purchased 5 acres and moved to Route 30 to a Trailer and Garage set up that worked very well until need outpaced the capacity of the Clinic.  Adoption rates rose and euthanasia rated dropped. Rather than build on that site a new location was purchased.



   2011 – present  through private funding, The Two Summers Project purchased  a former ambulance service location on Davidson Street which was revamped to house the current clinic.  Two Summers put the power of change in the hands of the McMinn Regional Humane Society and currently leases the entire property to that organization at no cost.  This allows the organization an opportunity to develop programs that are self sufficient with minimal expense.








For those souls seeking a second chance….